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Spring is my favorite time of year in Austin. The wildflowers are in bloom and temperatures are perfect for getting outside and enjoying our beautiful world. We know that part of mental well-being includes exposure to natural light every day, movement, and getting enough sleep. One of the ways I combine mindful meditation, natural light, and joyful movement is taking a walk in a local park several times a week. Focusing on color, sound, or how the path feels beneath my feet reminds me to engage with my surroundings in a way that doesn’t happen when I’m preoccupied or worried about the next thing to check off my to-do list. (Like writing my first blog post.)

Another way I focus on my surroundings while engaging my creativity is taking photographs. Most of the photographs on this website are mine, and the photograph on this post is from my most recent walk in the park. Photography is strictly an amateur hobby for me and I appreciate the gifts it has given me, such as learning to notice my surroundings in a more curious way, paying attention to color, light, composition, and trying out different perspectives – for example what does a bluebonnet look like from the ground as opposed to viewing them while standing up. How does the story change in a photograph when we pay attention from a different angle? What things do we notice or discover when we take the time to consider the setting? That’s part of what we do in therapy. Pay attention, consider different perspectives, engage with, challenge, and integrate how we tell our story. How you experience and tell your story matters. Sometimes we need the compassionate presence of another person to find and make sense of our story. If you’re ready to explore and make sense of your story, I’m here to go on that journey with you. Lisa



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