Individual Counseling

Getting by

Getting through the day, so you can get up to get through the next day.

Important relationships are stagnant, even when you try to make changes. The same patterns keep repeating. Everything that used to work to make things better now only makes everything worse.

You think, there must be a better way to make positive changes. Heck if you know what it is.

In fact, “I don’t know what to do, or how to figure out what to do.”

Finding answers through therapy

The answers lie within you. That may not be what you want to hear, but I know it’s true. Finding those answers to internal questions often takes outside help.

It takes some courage to make the decision to try out therapy. It means you’re willing to reach out for help and willing to take a chance on yourself.

Imagine for a moment having a space where it’s safe to be who you are – the good, the bad, and the ugly. Are your shoulders tensing up, or do you feel more relaxed like you can enjoy a deep breath?

Therapy is about giving you the space to be truly seen and heard – and to make you the priority. If making yourself a priority causes you to pause and hold your breath, ask yourself, “Do I matter to me?”

You do matter

One of the most common things I encounter in my work is that people don’t know their worth. Somewhere along the way we get the message that it’s wrong or selfish to care for ourselves.

Others have value, but we don’t. It’s okay to appreciate what makes others special and unique. But don’t dare do that for yourself.

I know your worth as a person is immeasurable and greater than you think. We are each a worthy human being in all our awkward, flawed, messy, and beautiful glory. So, if you’ve forgotten or you’ve never known your worth, that’s okay.

I know there is a resilient, complete person residing in you. We can rediscover that together.

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