Transitions are hard!

Grieving and letting go of the life you had and learning to accept and even embrace the life you have now is real, painful, and not for the faint-hearted. Even when the big changes in your life are by choice, it’s still a process that can bring forth unexpected issues.

And, when changes arrive by way of a curve ball you didn’t see coming, it can be overwhelming.

Whether it’s changing careers, moving into another season in your life, or losing a loved one, feelings can become difficult to navigate. When your day-to-day life is disrupted by these changes, figuring out who you are after the change can be challenging.

Feeling stuck and isolated

It’s easy to feel stuck, as if nothing will ever get better.

Isolating yourself can be tempting. But isolation is the least helpful coping strategy as you try to navigate a major transition in your life. Damn!

Some losses can be fully healed. Some losses never fully heal and will always remain with you. However, what will change is your relationship to that loss and how you make sense of and tell your story.

Is finding peace again possible?

Yes, but first, you’ll have to deal with your other feelings (e.g., anger, rage) to get there.

One of my favorite quotes from Cheryl Strayed is, “Love is on the other side of truth.” Well, peace resides on the other side of anger, and/or disappointment, and/or frustration, and/or sadness, and so on.

You have the ability to regain hope and joy. And here’s the thing about hope and joy, those words in this context can sound a little like a motivational poster.

Stick with me here. Truthfully, the ability to feel hope and to experience joy in the face of our challenges can be downright defiant and even radical. I love the ideas of joy as an act of defiance and of hope as being radical.

Tackling change

If you’re ready to work through the changes in your life, I’m ready to go there with you.

We’ll explore your story and work through the chaos while you discover your new truth. We might even have a defiantly joyful mini-dance moment in the office, celebrating getting to the other side of that truth when all is said and done – or not, your choice.

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